Creative Photo Manipulation

Creative photo manipulation service is one of the most innovative and thought-provoking image editing services that demands not only skill and experience but also the capability of creative thinking in giving an abstract look. This service can be used for magazines, magazine cover images, product advertisements etc. For providing this service, our expert and experienced graphic designers use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. But a perfect photography may be also necessary before doing creative image manipulation work.

First of all, a graphic designer should think about what he or she wants to create. Will these images convey any message, any information necessary for the people or mere laughter? Creative photo Manipulation makes it possible to bring your imagination in real. You can do anything by this skill combining your imagination like the story writer since an image can express thousands of words.

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Photoshop Photo Compositing:

Photo composite is a high-end image collage, usually created to give abstract look to your photo. Photoshop Photo Composite places various objects on a background and makes a new single themed photo. They need a proper selection of background, objects, color balance, lightings, brightness, and contrast.

Photoshop Image/Photo Blending:

Blending two or more photos in photoshop to make a new one is very useful for product images. It requires gradient and layer mask effect to create a poster, product packaging, ads, cards, magazine or book covers, and more.

Photo Collage Creation:

It is to make a full image with various objects on a background. It requires to resize, reposition, and rotate the photos or layers in the canvas and use frames. Many products, wedding, nature, travel photos together to make it look like an album.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Use This Services?

Creative image manipulation is a widely used photo editing service. As the name indicates, this service is applied for creating new things. You can use this technique for creating a business card, a greeting template or letterhead, postcard, product brochure, web template, etc. The designers’ creativity makes the outputs of this service more attractive. This service is also used for magazines, magazine cover images, product packaging & advertisements, book cover, newspapers, music, advertisement, gallery, etc. Sometimes, this method is applied to express something comically or ironically.

Who Take This Service?

This service is suitable for every sector. In printing and digital media, its outputs are very admirable. The e-commerce owners, photographers, magazines & newspaper, online news portals, advertisement agencies, and more take this service. The product owners take it for their product packaging. The publishers take to print book cover, calendar, business card, visiting, product brochure, etc. The real estate company can take this service in designing their property. They take creative CAD, 2D, 3D services for the interior and exterior designs for their properties.

What Is The Price Factor?

We can provide high-end quality creative photo manipulation service at a very reasonable price. Our base price starts from $3.75 per image. Besides, you will get up to 50% discount on bulk order.

Will I Get Quick Service?

Of course! Normally, we can deliver 1000 images per day, but if you need a quick creative manipulation service, there is an option. We provide rush service without any compromising with quality.

What If I Am Not Satisfied?

We always try to provide 100% quality image manipulation services and we are assuring you that you must be satisfied. Besides, if you feel any problem with the edited files, we provide the unlimited revision to give perfect work. Even though you are not satisfied, we promise that you will get 100% money back.