Photoshop Shadow Creation

Photoshop shadow service is one of the most important photo editing services for product display. There are some products which look unusual & unattractive in their raw, naked, and wild format. In such types of photo, you can improve the quality by adding shadow and/or create 3D effects. For this, shadow creation in Photoshop for product display is very much important and necessary. Generally reflection shadow, natural shadow, drop shadow or original shadow is applied to product photographs, such as clothing items (shirt, T-shirt, lingerie, underwear, etc.), product item (book, table clothes, pen, mobile, wallet, flat items, simple ring, flat chain, earring, various jewelry, etc.) Apart from product photos, shadows can be applied to model photography, group images, natural images, interior, and exterior photos.

While creating shadows on products for display, we perform a couple of photo editing techniques, viz. remove background of the product (using clipping path or image masking), clean noises and distractions, enhance & retouch the photo, bring out the best color with color correction, and finally apply the best shadowing strategy to give the product a natural look and shape. There are many product photographies where the natural shadow of the product is created by studio lighting, perspective etc. And some customers want to retain the shadow or give the best shadow and 3D look to their image. So, while removing product background, we keep the natural shadow unchanged and/or make the soft shadow. The Product Photo Shadowing Service can be used for various media including websites, e-commerce sites, product catalogs, brochures, digital media ads, printing media & magazine ads, etc.

Photoshop Shadow Service Categories:

Create Reflection Shadow:

Reflection shadow is added to such products which background surface plate reflects in the bottom area during photography. Example- glass bottles, medicine products, plastic bottle, ceramic products, electronic equipment (ovens, TVs, mobiles, etc.).

Create Product/ Natural Shadow:

In some product photo, the background surface does not reflect in the bottom area during photography. Product/ natural shadow is applied. The quality of the 3D product increases a lot. As a result, products attract customers.

Create Drop Shadow:

Image drop shadow can be created by using Photoshop filters. A fake but real-life shadow can be created on the rear side of the product at various angles and shadow opacity, the glow can be created. It is a cheap service.


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Frequently Asked Questions

When Do The Designers Apply Shadow?

According to the clients’ demand, the designers apply different kinds of shadow effects. But, generally, they use shadow on the image to create 2D or 3D shape. They apply this effect during neck joint after removing mannequin to provide a real look.

Who Needs This Service?

This service is required for many sectors, such as:

  • E-commerce product photos,
  • Ghost mannequin effects,
  • Product catalogs,
  • Ad designs,
  • Vector design,
  • 2D/3D shapes, and more.

What Are The Advantages Of Shadow Services?

There are so many advantages of shadow services. But the most important one is it makes a product realistic. After background removing by clipping path, an image looks like floating and it loses its realistic appearance. So, the designers apply various shadow effects on the image and make it real and beautiful.

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