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Shopnil-IT LLC. is a professional product image editing services for e-commerce businesses.
With us, you won’t need to waste money on time-consuming post-production work.
Instead, we’ll clean your product photos up for you, and return them professionally
polished within 12-24 hours so you can focus on selling!

Specialized photo-editing services tailored to your e-commerce product photos

Background Removal

Remove the background and replace with a color or another background, or cut it out entirely.

Clipping Paths and Masks

Used to cut out your product and model from a picture, allowing you to use it anywhere and with any backdrop color or image.

Shadows and Reflections

Shadows and shading add depth and definition to your product, and is sure to make it look outstanding.

Crop, Margin & Alignment

Consistency in cropping, alignment and margins provides your store with an uniform, professional look.


We clean up any blemishes, dust and scratches, and overall improve the look the of your images.

Color Correcting

Send is the RAW images along with the color card and leave the color correcting us.


Super Fast Delivery within 4 to 6 hrs. 100% quality assurance.


Fast work delivery within 6 to 12 hrs. Please contact us for more details.


Marginal price, Quality assurance, Instant work update.



Images are the most important content for e-Commerce


Research shows the impact quality and the number of images per product have on conversion rates is massive. This means e-commerce product images need to go online faster, at a higher quality and in much larger quantities than ever before. This calls for a fully integrated post-production workflow.

*subject to Terms & Conditions



Due to our very efficient workflow, we deliver your images within 24 hours* at a low price depending on the volume and complexity. Our 24/7 team makes the entire process smooth and easy, resulting in fast turnaround times at industry standard high quality.

*subject to Terms & Conditions



Complexity should never be a reason to do the editing yourself. Over the years we have honed our skills to such an extent that we can handle the most complex editing, even for very large volumes. Once the specifications are clear, tried, and tested we can easily scale up production to meet the required quantities.


Dedicated Production Manager

During the onboarding process, we will assign a dedicated Production Manager which will guide you through all the steps of the process.

Dedicated Business Development Manager

We believe in building strong relationships with our clients. That is why you have a dedicated Business Development Manager to keep communications tight.

Dedicated editing team 

Once we have agreed on the specifications and the quality of the test images is to your satisfaction, we will train a team to work on your images.


We are your own editing machine. You just quote and upload your product image, Rest of the work maintaining upon us. In the end, download your image from your own FTP server. We Maintain a Very Precise Workflow


We have been where you are now, searching for a product image editing solution that can scale with seasonal needs, maintain consistent quality, and turn images around in a blink. When we couldn’t find it, we built it — now you benefit from a solution made directly in response to decades of eCommerce experience.

Your product, imagery, and business are unique. Reflect that by selecting one of our flexible services to optimize your workflow. Product managers and responsive support are designed to keep our technology evolving in the most helpful possible way.

Give us a Call or Email: we enjoy building genuine relationships. Local support, an e-commerce background, and pride in our work make communication easy and doing business fun. Our corporate social responsibility policies create equal opportunity employment at all our offices worldwide.

Get images delivered when and where you need them using the web, FTP, or other’s file sharing system whatever you have to choose. Shopnil-IT LLC. digital lean production technology gives you unprecedented consistency, quality, and turnaround times.

Services We Provide

Clipping Path Service

Adobe Photoshop Pen tool based photo editing service which is widely used to remove, change, modify, colorize or make the transparent background in an image. This service is very much essential for e-commerce sites or for professional photographers. We use Photoshop pen tool to draw hand-made paths. Hand-drawn paths need expertise, skills, and knowledge on image clipping. Our graphic designers maintain the photo editing quality with clipping path at 1 to 2 pixels inside from the edge of the image. We have experience in removing background for fashion, jewelry, model, real estate, and e-commerce product photographs.

Image Masking Service

Among others, Photoshop image masking is used with path clipping techniques to knock-out the background of complex images to be placed for advertisement displays in e-commerce website or catalogs. Photoshop masking, as a photo editing service is further useful when clipping path alone is not adequate on hair, fur, or semi-transparent or translucent images like glasses, feathers, smoke, flames, highlights, lighting, chiffon, muslin, etc.

Image Background Remove

Shopnil-IT LLC. is providing background removing service with different clipping paths for removing unwanted background from the product images. This method makes the images more gorgeous & highly engaging. Almost every modern business like E-commerce, Photography, etc. are taking this service.

Photography Post-Production

Photography post-production is the most vital parts of film making, video editing, and photography. The first stage of post-processing usually requires loading the raw images into the post-production software.

Color Correction Service

Photoshop Color correction and color editing service is one of the most popular and essential Photoshop-based photo editing services. This service is applied to different types of photography like model photography, fashion photography, natural photography, etc.

HDR Photo Blending

HDR is a great and new way to take photos and capture the world around us. HDR photo shoot in wedding enables us to capture the whole joyous moment in a single shot. We edit HDR photos of the wedding at a reasonable price.

Raster To Vector Conversion

Creative graphics & CAD design option which requires the designer to manually replace vector drawing with various lines, border, rectangular, square, round-shaped, oval-shaped etc. To do this task, extreme care and attention is necessary. Our experienced and professional vector converters can save time without compromising on the quality of the conversion. Moreover, our production unit works 24 hours, which can ensure you quicker turnaround time.

Creative Manipulation Service

The creative photo manipulation service is one of the most innovative and thought-provoking photo editing services. This service does not only need skill and experience, but also the capability of creative thinking. First of all, a graphic designer thinks that what he or she wants to create. Will these images convey any message to people? Creative photo Manipulation makes it possible to bring your imagination in real.

3D/360° Packshot Retouching

For e-commerce product display in Packshot Animation Video or 360° Rich Media on your website or marketplaces, we do Packshot Retouch for images shot at multiple angles. Send us your images and requirements, we can provide you with various output options.

Photoshop Shadow Service

Photoshop shadow service is one of the most important photo editing services. There are some products which look unusual and unattractive.

Image Restoration Services

Digital images can be stored for several years in the form of soft copy, but it is not possible to store images in bromide or printed form. Because these images were printed on special paper coating on which there is a mixture of ink and chemicals

Image Retouching Services

Obtaining the perfect picture depends on good exposure. However, the quality of the image can be enhanced using retouching. Often, damaged photos, torn images, faded or underexposed images need restoration or repair services. Under this service category, Shopnil-IT technicians make color and exposure correction, photo restoration, color filling, image cleaning and cloning, digital cosmetology and glamour retouching, photo enhancing etc.

Ghost Mannequin Service (Neck Joint)

We offer various image manipulation photo editing services, among them Ghost Mannequin or invisible mannequin (or Neck joint) service is very much popular. Normally two or three photographs are taken from different views, i.e. front, back, sleeps, inner shot etc. Then the inner view is stitched with the outer image to create a final ghostly view. It is generally applied to garments items like T-shirts, shirts, pants, sweaters, etc. E-commerce sites and garment industries have needed this service and very much useful to promote their garments products.

Video Editing Services

We will turn your video clips and personal recordings into full phase Hi-quality films, quickly and effortlessly through our video editing service. You have to just send the video to us and our professional video editor will take care from here. We edit, organize, fix, add effects, caption, background music and whatever else you like.

On-Demand Editing

Our clipping service is a reliable, quality solution
for all those who work with professional
image material. Even in high volumes,
we provide cutting paths, retouching,
masks, vector conversion, image conversion as
well as color correction. Of the very best quality.

24/7 Customer Support

Our Image Editing capacity of 3500+ image editing each day. Assures you the fastest delivery time capacity.

Data Security Guaranteed

Whatever you agree on with us
goes! Because reliability and commitment
are at the heart of
everything we do. after editing service, we strive to offer image security and secured gateway. What means the most of you.


  • With Shopnil-IT LLC, we are able to get things done faster than ever before in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Shopnil-IT team has simplified things by providing an innovative platform which centralizes the whole process, removing all complexities that come with outsourcing.

  • Shopnil-IT LLC. has helped us be more competitive by reducing our studio-to-web lead times and has enabled us to sell multichannel. We see Shopnil-IT as a long-term partner that can handle our post-production needs so that we could focus on other areas of our online business.

  • We have relied on Shopnil-IT post-production platform for the last 3 years. They have helped automate our photo studio workflow and have significantly reduced our retouching costs. I would recommend Shopnil-IT LLC. to any high-volume studio that is looking for consistent quality at scale.

  • Shopnil-IT has helped us improve our online photography process by providing a seamless service with a quick 24-hour turnaround time.

  • The best advantage is the workflow. There’s quite a high standard, and we don’t need to give directions all the time.

  • The accessory, shoes & jewelry pages on our site have never looked better. Shopnil-IT LLC. has provided fast turnaround times while maintaining consistent results week after week!